Timeshare Legal Networks with Others in the Industry

Timeshare Legal explains how the timeshare industry is involved in planning for the future, and influencing legislation. The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) takes pride in representing the timeshare industry. They conduct lobbying efforts and are focused on improving consumer confidence.

Each year, at the ARDA’s Convention and Exposition, companies like Timeshare Legal network and receive educational outreach. The invitation also extends to the industries that side by side with resort development.

Over 1.1 million people were employed by the timeshare industry in 2010, creating over $45 billion in economic output around the world. When adding in the other industries that benefit and work with timeshares, the number jumps to $114 billion.

Timeshare Legal

Timeshare Legal

has helped owners eliminate the financial burden of questionable contracts and figure out the right option for their vacation goals.

In 2013, the United States had over 1,500 timeshare resorts, almost 200,000 individual units and $7.6 billion in sales. Even with a shaky economy, the US timeshare profit increased. Jobs were generated to the tune of 500,000 positions, $23 billion in income, and $8.5 billion in tax revenues.

The industry keeps growing year by year, right along with the travel options for owners. The vacation market as a whole has been changing and expanding, and a lot of people have multiple places, both for personal use and for renting. Timeshares aren’t the only thing impacting this, there are also fractional ownership clubs, destination clubs, condos, and second-home ownership.

As the ARDA meets each year, often in a great vacation spot, the organizations who sponsor the event get together more often. In 2017, the ARDA will be meeting in New Orleans. For those interested in the timeshare industry, join other companies like Timeshare Legal for this great event.

Timeshare Legal Offers Solutions for Timeshare Contract Cancellations in 2016

Timeshare Legal is a premiere timeshare cancellation company providing optimum services to assist timeshare owners in successfully ending their contracts.

Timeshare Legal CEO Christian Highlander recommends that individuals unhappy with their timeshare contract seek to cancel their membership. Timeshare is one of the fastest growing areas of the travel industry due to travelers need for affordable vacations, but many consumers are unhappy after they have purchased their memberships. Most vacationers want to take trips annually that are affordable, and find that through their timeshare ownership they are spending more money than they previously anticipated. Instead of getting stressed out about this financial situation there are options for timeshare members.Timeshare Legal

Timeshare Legal assists disgruntled timeshare members in taking the proper steps to remove themselves from their timeshare contracts. Traveling can be very expensive and timeshare is presented as an affordable option to interested individuals. Generally, upon seeing a timeshare presentation, vacationers choose to travel affordably and purchase timeshare memberships. However, there are many times that these timeshare owners regret their membership and wish to cancel their contract.  The process of cancelling a timeshare contract is not easy and requires the help of trained individuals.

Timeshare Legal also recognizes that timeshare memberships are often purchased without companies disclosing all the information about necessary fees. Individuals sit through timeshare sales demonstrations and are given only the base membership fee. Then, along the way there are additional service fees that make the monthly bill far more expensive than the owner realized. These additional costs become a burden for owners, and it is extremely difficult to break a timeshare contract. Timeshare companies are focused on their profit, and are not interested in the financial hardship of their customers. So, when individuals sign these contracts they must honor them unless the enlist the help of timeshare cancellation services to end their timeshare contracts.

Timeshare Legal is one of the most well-reviewed timeshare cancellation companies in the industry. With a rating of A+ on the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey, Timeshare Legal has a highly trained staff that assists clients in removing the financial burdens of their timeshare contracts. Those struggling with timeshare contract issues should contact Timeshare Legal for a free consultation.

Timeshare Legal Exceeds Standards in Timeshare Mortgage Relief

Timeshare Legal wants those trapped in timeshare contracts to know that relief is just a phone call away. When shopping in the travel industry, individuals love the deals and services that many timeshare companies provide. However, more often than not these customers find themselves locked into contracts that have exorbitant fees not previously discussed and extra bills that they just can’t cover. It is in these crisis situations that consumers need to utilize timeshare cancellation services.

Timeshare Legal

Timeshare Legal CEO Christian Highlander works with his skilled team that understand the ins and outs of timeshare contracts. Customers are typically lured into their contracts under false pretenses.  Some timeshare companies are notorious for offering upsells and upgrades that end up costing their holders more money. There are a number of empty promises made that are never filled. Then these consumers find that they are spending more money on their timeshare membership than they ever dreamed. Now, when these customers complain, or try to cancel their membership they find that they are locked in a contract that is nearly impossible to escape.


  • Timeshare Legal relieves the stress of timeshare mortgage holders by getting them the help that they need. Although this company is neither a real estate agency nor law firm, this skilled staff exceeds all levels of skill and professionalism while successfully handling their customer’s timeshare issues. It takes experience and in-depth knowledge of the timeshare industry to obtain freedom from iron clad timeshare contracts.


  • Most timeshare companies are not focused on the burden that additional fees might cause their holders, these companies are only worried about their bottom line. So, when timeshare mortgage holders find themselves in debt and unable to pay their bills, their turn to Timeshare Legal for assistance in the removal of their timeshare contractual obligations.


Timeshare Legal is a timeshare cancellation company that is located in West Deptford, New Jersey. This company’s main goal is to help those that have found themselves in the clutches of unbreakable timeshare contracts. They boast an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau site for New Jersey and offer free consultations to all potential customers that are struggling with their timeshare issues.