Charitable Contributions Made by Christian Highlander

Any good citizen must be able to give back when he or she can, and Christian Highlander has taken this to heart. He is an active member of the West Deptford, NJ community, and he encourages everyone to get involved when they can.

Christian recently showed how much he cares for his community when he donated $30,000 to the West Deptford Police Department to help fund the WDPD’s local youth outreach programs. The money will go towards the D.A.R.E. and Police Athletic League (APL) programs.

The $30,000 donation will provide the West Deptford Police Department with more than six times its normal budget to run these programs. The WDPD has relied on private donations for help in the past, but this was the first year it started a direct mailing campaign asking for donations.

Seeing a way to benefit children in his local community, Christian Highlander met with the WDPD and wrote out a check with high hopes for the outcome that the donation will provide. Mr. Highlander looks forward to future charitable opportunities where he can give back to those in need.