Timeshare Legal Networks with Others in the Industry

Timeshare Legal explains how the timeshare industry is involved in planning for the future, and influencing legislation. The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) takes pride in representing the timeshare industry. They conduct lobbying efforts and are focused on improving consumer confidence.

Each year, at the ARDA’s Convention and Exposition, companies like Timeshare Legal network and receive educational outreach. The invitation also extends to the industries that side by side with resort development.

Over 1.1 million people were employed by the timeshare industry in 2010, creating over $45 billion in economic output around the world. When adding in the other industries that benefit and work with timeshares, the number jumps to $114 billion.

Timeshare Legal

Timeshare Legal

has helped owners eliminate the financial burden of questionable contracts and figure out the right option for their vacation goals.

In 2013, the United States had over 1,500 timeshare resorts, almost 200,000 individual units and $7.6 billion in sales. Even with a shaky economy, the US timeshare profit increased. Jobs were generated to the tune of 500,000 positions, $23 billion in income, and $8.5 billion in tax revenues.

The industry keeps growing year by year, right along with the travel options for owners. The vacation market as a whole has been changing and expanding, and a lot of people have multiple places, both for personal use and for renting. Timeshares aren’t the only thing impacting this, there are also fractional ownership clubs, destination clubs, condos, and second-home ownership.

As the ARDA meets each year, often in a great vacation spot, the organizations who sponsor the event get together more often. In 2017, the ARDA will be meeting in New Orleans. For those interested in the timeshare industry, join other companies like Timeshare Legal for this great event.

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